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Window Plantation Shutters

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The best window treatment of all time has simply got to be the plantation shutter. Don’t get me wrong, other window treatments work as well like the way drapes make a room look warm and soft and those silk curtains in the living room but, you still want to have plantation shutters beneath those curtains. Wonder the reason why, well, there are a lot of reasons and one of them is the versatility. When it gets cold, you could use them to warm the place; when you have nosey people around you, you could use to the advantage of blocking them out to have some privacy. It could be that you use them for sun control, you could open them at an angle that will not bring any damage to your furnishings or you’re flooring either.

Plantation window shutters are a window treatment that you would be able to finance in a mortgage because when you move out, you leave them in the house. Plantation window shutters are so versatile that all buyers are familiar with them and they will increase the value of the house to lengths. Actually, shutters are some of the most sought after features of a house when people are shopping making them a top choice. You will find that almost all real estate ads will not miss to mention them for the home that has them installed. You could actually look them up at S: craft for extra detail.

Always in style

These are just the right window treatment because unlike drapes, they never go out of style and the most definitely do not fade. They could be made to co-ordinate with any room decor and normally, they are usually painted to match the woodwork. They might be slightly expensive than drapes or blinds but for the fact that you will not be replacing them anytime soon makes them the best choice. Drapes do not in any way add the value of the house once you are selling it and if you leave them behind, they could not be used by the next owner because they might not match their décor.

So which ones to buy?

When you are shopping for your plantation shutters, you could start at comparing them from but you should not compromise to buy the least expensive ones. There is a chance that you might end up with louvers that give you a hard time to close or just get sap bleed.

Some of the features you should look for are

1. Quality wood, this could be either Basswood or Poplar. Do not get pine.

2. Tension adjustment screws- these prevent loose louvers

3. Mortised hinges

4. Side rails- these prevent warping

5. Get your shutters to be custom made, that is measured built and painted to match your trim

It is not wise to purchase them at a factory only to come have then cut down to fit your window

How to use them within the house

A lot of people wonder in what rooms or how they should use plantation window shutters. If you want to use them in one room only, it is best that you put them in every window of that room. This means that if the living room has three windows then shutter all three windows. You could also put them in all the windows on the front of the house to give it a uniformed look even if for curb appeal. If you have not planned your budget for them, you could mix them with wooden blinds, actually, you could use the shutters in the noisy are as of the house and use blinds in the bedrooms. You could also install half shutters in places like kitchen or breakfast area but with these you might not have as much sun control as you wish.

Should you shutter all the windows at once?

That would depend on the individual. You could prefer them in one area of the house or you could prefer them in the whole house nut you must consider your budget, the whole house could prove to be a bit expensive and you might want to put them in stages.

Tilt Feature

Yes, you can actually have custom made plantation window shutters for your tilted window design. For this type of window, you can only have them installed from outside but not inside. If you need for it to be inside then you are going to lose the tilt feature all the same. Once you get into contact with S: craft, they will discuss all the options you have with the tilt windows and what best can be done to suit you and your home.

Two-toned window shutters

This is a very unique shutter because they look different form the in and out, you can have the stained in two colors, one to math your bricks outside and the other one to math with the décor in the house, the louver are what get these different shades and the one facing out will be made different with the one facing inside. You might find that they are quite more expensive but the feel they give you will be well worth it.

Custom made or factory bought

It is so much better to have them custom made and you could get them here The reason for this is because if the company only buys them, they will offer you framed shutters or exterior mounts because they are not being made for your windows specifically. If they get you shutters that are a bit small or too big then the frame will not show. Some time they look just fine other times they look like they don’t belong and that is the reason why the only way to go with plantation shutters is to have them custom made just for your windows. This way, you can be sure that they fit and they even look like they were a part of the house in the first place.
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