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Awesome Shutters UK
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All You Need To Know About Window Shutters

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What are window shutters?

These are solid window coverings that consist of frame with horizontal rails at the middle, top and bottom as well as vertical stiles. Solid panels, fabric, and horizontal and vertical louvers can be mounted on the frame. These shutters perform various purposes such as security reasons, protection against any unwanted intrusion and enhancing the aesthetic of a building. Shutters can be designed to fit on the within the range of the opening or overlap it. This is mostly determined by its application and size of window frame. Shutters are basically divided into two:

Interior shutters: these usually swing towards the inner side of the house allowing access to the window or penetration of light in the room. The ones found in s-craft have operable louvers or slats. Some of them include plantation shutters and traditional shutters. Other shutters have stationery louvers that do not rotate at all. Interior shutters can be constructed such that it fits in a single tier unit or in multiple tier units. Multiple tier units have separate shutters placed on each tier that allows independence during opening and closing of top and bottom shutters.

Exterior shutters: they are made using hardwood such as teak, mahogany and Spanish cedar. These hardwood have grains that resist moisture hence prevent decay and rot. Hardwood is also more durable than softwood wood such as pine. An exterior storm shutter can be used to protect the windows in a building from the effects of strong winds during a hurricane. Such a shutter is made using some materials like fiberglass, iron or faux wood. Generally, exterior shutters are used to enhance privacy and protecting from elements from outside. Such shutters are common in S:CRAFT.

What are the merits of window shutters?

Maintain privacy and regulate air and light

Shutters particularly those found at s-craft allow better privacy as well as are able to control the amount of light that flows in a given room. Privacy conditions are maintained since the openings such as windows are covered from the interior. Shutters work well more than blinds. For instance the traditional shutters are more adjustable as compared to the blinds. This enables free flow of air in and out the room. The ambient lighting and air flow is controlled by the opening and closing of the window as well as the angle of slats.

Increases value and energy efficiency of your home

Installation of interior window shutters helps in the increasing of energy efficiency of your house. This is because the strong wooden layer added on the window covering provides a layer of insulation. For instance plantation shutters in s-craft are able to maintain the required and room conditions of high quality. The shutters improve the value of a house by complementing any d├ęcor present with their crisp and clean lines. They add some visual appearance and functionality to the windows. The internal shutters are particularly regarded as the only treatment to windows that offer a considerable home improvement. This is due to fact that they have higher energy efficiency. Increase in the value of your home makes it price to raise. This is of great help if you are involved in the real estate market since there will be more profit.

They are durable and very easy to maintain

Curtains and blinds can be very hard to clean and maintain since they harbor some dust particles. Shutters are however easier to clean using a simple cloth and some water. This makes them preferable to most people since their maintenance cost is low. In practical sense, most people like saving on everything they have hence prefer buying something like these shutters that is somehow expensive to acquire in the first place, but turns out to be of great help afterwards. Moreover, some shutters like wood shutters tend to be resistant to moisture, rot and warping. It is however advisable to look out the best manufacturers of shutters since not all of them are durable. Durability of the shutters depend on the material that was used to make them. Shutters with lifetime warranties are the best for window treatment and will never let you down any time.

What do you consider when choosing window shutters?

Features of the window

The views of the windows are important to consider when choosing a window shutter. The type of light that enters the building and location of the windows in the room is also vital. For a person who would like to have some privacy maintained in the room. He or she should consider the penetration of light in the building in relation to its geographical position as well as size of the window. More penetration of light would mean that the privacy is reduced since people can view the house from outside. The window shutter therefore should be able to cover the opening as required. It should also be able to resist any speed of wind that may blow it away. This is what makes shutters to be preferred more than curtains. However, windows that are positioned at a beautiful scenic view require a shutter that fully opens and closes. A small kitchen window that is placed above the sink would not require any shutter. Type of room.

Different rooms require different types of shutters. Bathrooms, for example require window shutters that allow so much privacy and are able to resist moisture. Bedrooms as well require window shutters that cover the whole window. This however should allow light penetration during the day to allow aeration of the room. Studios rooms require more natural light since they may hold a lot a people at a given period of time.

Price of the window shutter

The window shutters you choose should suit your current budget. Wooden shutters often are more expensive than synthetic shutters. However, the wooden shutters have a good appearance and have more benefits compared to other shutters type. If your budget is tight, then you can consider to have the synthetic window coverings. Some of the advantages that wooden shutters have include they are able to resist moisture as well as they are very durable. Wooden shutters that are provided by s-craft remain strong and are not swayed by strong winds.

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