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Find more on - Full Height Plantation Shutters
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Full Height Plantation Shutters are the Best Window Treatment for your house

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What Are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are the most popular type of window treatment used in most homes. This is because of the flexibility of design and function as well as the low cost of purchasing and installation. Plantation shutters cost significantly less than having your traditional curtains, but they will still give added value to your home if and when you decide to sell it. How? Having plantation shutters is a permanent fixture onto the window, meaning you won’t be able to take them with you when you move house (until curtains and other draperies). Because of the added appeal it adds to your living space, the value of the property is likely to increase as well.

For those unfamiliar with standard window treatments, plantation shutters are made from different kinds of wood, depending on the preferred style and purpose of the homeowner. They have horizontal slats – called louvres – that can be tilted open or close using a control mechanism – called a tilt rod – installed either along the middle or edge of the shutter. Again, depending on the homeowner’s preference, the shutters can have a midrail running horizontally halfway down the shutters. This is so that the top and bottom portions can be controlled separately.

How Are They Made, And What Are They Made From?

Shutters can be either custom or custom made. Custom shutters are pre-built and are cut down to fit the size of your windows. This may lead to a mismatch in size and style. On the other hand, each side and louvre of custom made shutters is measured specifically for your windows, ensuring the best style and fit.

Though wood is the primary material made for plantation shutters, there are several different options for the kind of wood to use. Each kind of wood has its limitations and there are several things to consider when picking the right material. Each type of wood will have a different shade and natural design, so one thing to consider would be the intended finish the homeowner wants. Another thing to think about is how big the shutters will be. If the shutters are bigger, then more louvres will be needed. In this case, it would be wiser to choose wood materials that are lighter so they will be easier to tilt and adjust.

Where can they be used?

Buying plantation shutters from can be used in almost any room of your house. They are most popularly used, of course, in the entrance or the living room, as well as for the patio. This is what adds the more elegant appeal to your home, as the shutters as seen even from the outside. Shutters can also be used in your kitchen to provide a more “homely” feel. In the attic, shutters can be used to cover the skylight or dome light. Believe it or not, plantation shutters can even be found a place in bathrooms, when both privacy but a refreshing environment is needed.

Types of Plantation Shutters

There are several different types of plantation shutters, each with their own pros and cons depending on the type and theme of the room. These are:

• Bi-Fold or By-Pass – allows you to open your shutters from the center and fold off to the sides; this can be used for wide space doors and for room dividers.

• Café style – only the bottom part is shuttered (the size depending on preference) to allow sunlight to come in while still ensuring complete privacy.

• Tier-on-tier – has individual panels for the top and bottom to provide more adjustability.

• Solid – does not have any louvres, allowing for almost full blackout and better noise insulation; they also give off the impression of increased security measures.

• French doors – manufactured so that they fit directly onto the door frame.

• Bay Windows – adjusted to fit the style of the bay window, whether one frame around your bay or with individual frames for each window.

• Shape – adjusted to fit any kind of shape: radius, arched, or geometrical, and can even be molded to fit windows placed at an angle.

• Full Height – covers the entire window from top to bottom and most of the time, is separated into different panels with a midrail.

Given all of the options for style, function, and aesthetics, which is the best, all-around choice? The most popular type is the full height plantation shutter

Benefits of Full Height Plantation Shutters

Many people prefer to use full height plantation shutters because of the flexibility of installation. It can easily be adjusted to fit almost all of the previously mentioned types of shutters; they can be used to cover bay windows or irregularly shaped windows, extended doors, and can be manufactured as bi-fold shutters.

They also offer the utmost privacy, as there is always the option of tilting the louvres completely closed. Whenever complete privacy is needed, only full height plantation shutters can provide that. When closed, they are also useful for blocking out unwanted noise from the outside world. Because it’s fitted onto the windows, they serve as a good way to insulate noise.

Also, because the horizontal louvres can be tilted downwards, it’s entirely possible to control the amount of sunlight let into the room. With this, you can make use of the natural sunlight and the feelings of happiness that come with it, while at the same time protecting your furniture and home décor from the damage caused by too much exposure to sunlight.

Full height plantation shutters also give the room a more simple but elegant feel, especially if you choose the right color and style. No matter what the theme of the living space it, these shutters will surely complement any window or door.

They are fully customizable, even when a midrail is not used to split the top and bottom panels. There is always the option to choose the number of slats, and they can be easily adjusted to fit windows of any size and shape.

When choosing the best treatment for windows, using full height plantation shutters is the best option if the choice between specific types is too difficult to make. They can fit into whatever wants and needs without any problem.

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